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Mirror protective films for iPhone 4 4S

In el-top.com online store you can buy Mirror protective films for iPhone 4 4S. It's manufactured in China.

This is a set of mirror screen and back panel protectors for the iPhone 4 4S. It's packed in the thin cartoon and sealed in a plastic envelope.

The set include two films: for screen and for back panel, and a piece of close for cleaning the screen from dust and fingerprints.

The film is made from environmetally friendly materials nad has no smell. It's easily installed and removed from the device. Made in China.

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Photo and review of the new 7-inch iPad

 New 7-Inch iPad Photo Review

Everybody knows that Apple Inc. products enjoy a significant number number of fans around the world. There is quite a large number of people who prefer iPods, iPhones, iPads over other devices of these kinds only because of the famous Apple logo. However, there are situations when people want a certain kind o device from Apple Inc., but the company for some reason fails to come up with such device to fulfil the demand of its fans, and a certain amount of people get really disappointed.

One of the examples of such cases is the smaller kind of tablets. Of course, there are Apple iPads available, but they are comparatively large: ten inches in diagonal. What should an Apple fan do, if he wants a smaller tablet (for example, a 7-inch one)? He will have to buy a similar device from another manufacturer - an competitor of Apple. Meanwhile, it has been quite a long time since Apple competitors who produce tablets using Android OS, such as HTC, Samsung, and many others, have come up with 7-inch tablet devices.

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FDA Approved Swallowed Health Sensor

Food and Drug Administration FDA
There is quite a considerable amount of people who are uncomfortable with undergoing medical tests. There can be many possible reasons for such behaviour. Some of us have mental issues about that (for example, fear of the look of blood). Others have shortage of time to take medical tests. What if there was a device telling the current state of our body instantly? Recently, special commission from the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finally approved a special swallowed sensor allowing to control the state of body health with the help of a smartphone app.
The device is presented by Proteus Digital Health, Inc. and called Ingestion Event Marker. Basically, the device represents a tiny sensor placed into special pill. In order for the Ingestion Event Marker to be able to transmit the collected data, the person will also have to wear a special device (which is no bigger in size than a vacuum cap of a cardiosensor) on his or her belly. The information collected by the Ingestion Event Marker is directed into the smartphone and processed by a special application that the user has installed. The Ingestion Event Marker allows the user to keep track on the information regarding such factors as heart activity, state of body, general activity of organism, and others. The most interesting point about the construction of the Ingestion Event Marker is the fact that it is powered by the energy from the gastric juice.

The introduction of the Ingestion Event Marker is a significant step in the development of medicine. Now, if a person feels unwell, he or she doesn’t have to undergo any medical tests. All you have to do is simply see the information about your health and take measures. For example, take the pills against the problem, if you are sure about it. However, self-treatment is not recommended, so it’s better if you will regularly e-mail the information about your health to your physician, which is also possible with Ingestion Event Marker.
Quite notably, such device has been available in the countries of the European Union since as early as 2011.

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Charger for iPhone 4 4S. USB + Power adapter

In el-top.com online store you can buy copy of the original Apple charger for iPhone 4 4S. It's manufactured in China.

Package includes a power adapter for the european format, which is the adapter for the USB-cable. It's targeted at the standart voltage 220V. The USB-cable is also included in the package. The cable length is 1 meter.

As we can see, this charger is absolutely identical to the Apple charger, but its price is much less.

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Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT GPS navigator with voice control

Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT GPS Review PhotoGarmin Nuvi 3590LMT is a new ultimate GPS navigator of the high-end series from the Garmin company. It is probably the smoothest and most ergonomic device of the series. The navigator comes with an enhanced voice control, realistic photo imaging of complicated street crossings and road conjunctions, the upgraded Guidance 3.0 interface, and a built-in media player. The navigator can be fully controlled with voice commands - for example, one may simply pronounce a street address, look for places of interest, manage the settings, as well as have the rest of the functions performed.

Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT GPS Review PhotoThe Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT navigator is also equipped with a triple-axis sensor which allows to automatically rotate the screen - this is found extremely useful for pedestrian navigation. In order to make the voiced hints louder and more distinct, an extra built-in speaker is mounted on on of the windows of the car. Nuvi 3590LMT will offer hints on passing through over 1000 kinds of complicated crossings and conjunctions by displaying the realistic image of the conjunction beforehand and with the notification about the directions of the traffic movement. The function of choosing the ultimate lane for driving is also embedded. The navigator comes with already downloaded roadmaps of many countries.

Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT GPS Review PhotoHigh-quality maps are being developed especially for the Garmin devices, these maps are being constantly renewed and updated for free once in three months. The upgraded Guidance 3.0 interface is available in nine different layout variants, and has 3D images of buildings and constructions, the Near Search function. It is also available to save links to one’s favourite search requests, categories of places of interest, as well as to access the saved locations. The navigator also comes with a special receiver which allows to access the data about traffic jams for free and without any SIM card or GPRS. The warranty of the device is two years.
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Chinese ZOPO zp500 Libero smartphone

ZOPO zp500 Libero Photo
Many people are still feeling a little bit prejudiced against Chinese smartphones. These devices are (not without reasons) considered to be of a rather low quality. However, even if this might have been true somewhat earlier, like several years ago, it surely has changed now, considering that most smartphone manufacturers have their facilities in China. Moreover, some time ago, a purely Chinese smartphone series was introduced.

A great example of the series is the Zopo zp500 Libero smartphone. The technical specifications of this device are as follows:
- 4-inch screen, 480x854 screen resolution, IPS technology, multitouch
- CPU: MTK6575, Cortex A9, 1.0GHz, ARM v7
- GPU: PowerVR SGX531
- RAM: 512Mb
- ROM: 4GB + microSD slot for up to 64GB
- Wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS
- two SIM tray, one of the SIM-cards may support 3G
- cameras: 0.3MP front camera, 5MP rear camera, equipped with LED flash light and autofocus
- sensors: gyroscope, accelerometer, light and proximity sensors, magnetic compass
- 3.5 Jack audio port
- 1300mAh battery
- sizes: 162x63x9.9mm (which is approximately 6.38x2.48x0.39 inches)
- weight: 199 grams (which is approximately 0.44 pounds)
- OS: Android 4.0.3 ICS
ZOPO zp500 Libero PhotoThe Zopo zp500 Libero smartphone comes with a USB cable, a power supply cable with and adapter for the European standards, a set of earphones and a microphone. The package also includes two manuals: in English and in Chinese, and a warrant certificate from the factory. The USB cable is 120cm long which is very convenient, and rather thick which increases the durability of the cable. The earphones-and-microphone set, though, is not very good for music, yet perfect for communication.

Strangely enough, the phone is also equipped with a stylus. It is rather odd since it’s a well-known fact that phones with multitouch screens are much more convenient to operate with fingers than with a stylus.

Some people may still argue that Zopo zp500 Libero can’t be as good as other Android phones, or an iPhone. Such critical views can be shattered by one single last factor: the price. A Zopo zp500 Libero smartphone costs around $180 (depending on where you buy it).
ZOPO zp500 Libero PhotoZOPO zp500 Libero Photo
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