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Apple Altar by Georg Dinkel

Georg Dinkel Apple Altar review photo
It’s not a secret that Apple, Inc. and it’s products have many devoted fans around the world. Many people choose to use MacBooks, iPhones, iPods, iPads, etc. just because they carry the famous Apple logo, without paying any attention to what Apple’s competitors have to offer. Some people go even further and start wearing t-shirts, sweaters, and other gear with the Apple logo. Moreover, there are cases when this loyalty becomes a real obsession or even a mania to some people. To this people, Apple is not just a favourite brandname, it’s a cult, a religion.

A designer named Georg Dinkel has taken the part about religion literally. Mr. Dinkel has come up with an audio doc-station for iPod Nano which has two mono speakers, and looks like a small temple with extremely rich decorations. Moreover, the luxurious tower clock of this temple has an iPad as one of its details. All the smaller details of the fine plasterwork are made of polymeric clay.

Georg Dinkel Apple Altar review photo
We still have no information to share regarding whether this Apple temple is going to be manufactured in a somewhat considerable number of copies, but if it would - a number of Apple fanatics would finally have a real altar to worship their divinity. Another thing to feed our imaginations upon would be the name of this new... (device? accessory?) item. Would they name it a ‘MacAltar’? Or would they prefer an ‘iChurch’? Maybe they would rather think of something original?

Anyway, all the Apple zealots around the world have a new matter to pray their divinities about. If let our imagination run wild, our eyes picture people leaving their secular lives to serve the mighty Apple, a new Apple, Inc. CEO elected on a conclave from and by a number of most devoted and high-ranked ‘Applers’. Then, this new CEO would probably call his followers for a crusade against the heretic blasphemers who use Android-operated devices... Hopefully, it’s just imagination. Still, Georg Dinkel’s temple is quite real.

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