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FDA Approved Swallowed Health Sensor

Food and Drug Administration FDA
There is quite a considerable amount of people who are uncomfortable with undergoing medical tests. There can be many possible reasons for such behaviour. Some of us have mental issues about that (for example, fear of the look of blood). Others have shortage of time to take medical tests. What if there was a device telling the current state of our body instantly? Recently, special commission from the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finally approved a special swallowed sensor allowing to control the state of body health with the help of a smartphone app.
The device is presented by Proteus Digital Health, Inc. and called Ingestion Event Marker. Basically, the device represents a tiny sensor placed into special pill. In order for the Ingestion Event Marker to be able to transmit the collected data, the person will also have to wear a special device (which is no bigger in size than a vacuum cap of a cardiosensor) on his or her belly. The information collected by the Ingestion Event Marker is directed into the smartphone and processed by a special application that the user has installed. The Ingestion Event Marker allows the user to keep track on the information regarding such factors as heart activity, state of body, general activity of organism, and others. The most interesting point about the construction of the Ingestion Event Marker is the fact that it is powered by the energy from the gastric juice.

The introduction of the Ingestion Event Marker is a significant step in the development of medicine. Now, if a person feels unwell, he or she doesn’t have to undergo any medical tests. All you have to do is simply see the information about your health and take measures. For example, take the pills against the problem, if you are sure about it. However, self-treatment is not recommended, so it’s better if you will regularly e-mail the information about your health to your physician, which is also possible with Ingestion Event Marker.
Quite notably, such device has been available in the countries of the European Union since as early as 2011.

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