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Nitecore Tiny Monster TM15 - Rechargeable Flashlight 2450Lm

NITECORE Tiny Monster TM15 photo

We are delighted to present you the unique, the most powerful and compact portable torchlight in the world!

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Today, NITECORE Tiny Monster TM15 torchlight is the most compact rechargeable torchlight with the luminous power of 2,450lm in the world!

Speaking of the luminous power, NITECORE TM15 is the most powerful portable flashlight up to date. Such luminous power is achieved by means of the 3 new superpower CREE XM-L LEDs, as well as the perfectly focused aluminium reflector.

The main advantage of the latest Tiny Monster, if compare with the prevoius model NITECORE TM11, is the increased luminous power of 2,460lm (the predecessor had 2,200lm). Another extremely convenient innovation is the built-in battery charge. You no longer have to carry an external battery charge with you, the NITECORE TM15 can be recharfed as easily as a common cellphone.

It suits perfectly for use in search and rescue activities, as well as for sailors, forest husbandry, etc. The wide scale of functioning modes makes a NITECORE TM15 model torchlight a perfect solution for both professionals and sophisticated amateurs.
Properties of the NITECORE Tiny Monster TM15 torchlight:
  • the luminous power of 2,450lm
  • 3 superpower CREE XM-L LEDs. The durability of the CREE XM-L LEDs exceeds 50,000 hours.
  • the thermal plate system on the frame of the torchlight prevents it from excessive heating, and the user’s hands - from the discomfort of high temperature when using it at any mode.
  • power supply from 4 rechargeable or common AA 1865-format batteries, or 8 CR123-format batteries
  • built-in battery-recharge system with the indication of charge status. A simple, fast, and safe means to recharge your torchlight
  • exceptionally long-term functioning time, using the lithium-ion AA-class batteries
  • the possibility to use AA- and CR123-format batteries.
  • the convenient double-stage switch-button provides for extreme comfort (patented)
  • an integrated power display shows how much power you have left (patented)
  • the power display in the additional mode shows the voltage of the battery (within the accuracy of 0.1 volt)
  • the mineral glass of the NITECORE TM15 torchlight is scratchproof
  • the aluminium reflector provides for a powerful and well-focused ray of light
  • the snap ring of stainless steel protects the surface of the glass from damage
  • anodized frame of the torchlight is made of the aircraft aluminium fusion
  • IPX-8 water-resistancy standard (up to 2, immersion)
  • Length: 158mm \ 6.22 inches
  • Lamp diameter: 60mm \ 2.36 inches
  • Tube diameter: 50mm \ 1.97 inches
  • Weight: 447g \ 1 pound (without battery)
  • battery charge
  • cover
  • strap


NITECORE Tiny Monster TM15 photo
NITECORE TM15 is the ultimate torchlight. And this is not an exaggeration.
The brightest! 3 brand new CREE XM-Lite LEDs provide for the maximum luminous power of 2,450lm. Today, NITECORE TM15 is the brightest torchlight in the world! NITECORE’s main competitors only have to offer models with the maximum luminous power of up to 2,200lm for the same price.

The most compact! The size of the NITECORE TM15 torchlight is only 158x60mm (6.22x2.36 inches), and the weight with the battery is about 500g (1.1 pounds).

NITECORE Tiny Monster TM15 photo
The highest durability without recharge! Under the power-saving mode (95lm), this torchlight will work for up to 52 hours. 95lm is more than enough for the common use of an ordinary tourist. And 52 hours without recharge will allow you, for example, to go hiking for a week or even longer wighout having to trouble yourself about the means to recharge your torchlight.

Built-in battery charge suggests that the torchlight is to be commonly usedevery day, just like a cellphone.

NITECORE Tiny Monster TM15 photo
The firm waterproof aluminium frame is designed for use under most severe conditions. The frame of the torchlight is made of light and firm aluminium fusion used in aircraft industry. The manufacturer states that the frames of the NITECORE torchlights are made of solid metal pieces. That’s why NITECORE torchlights combine extreme reliability with the ultimate weight. In other words, a NITECORE TM15 torchlight is resistant to falling on had surfaces (such as asphalt) from the height of several meters, as well as submerging into the water. It keeps going.
  • Powered by 4 common AA 1865 batteries, or 8 CR123 batteries. Designed for long-term use. The NITECORE batteries are guaranteed to work over 500 full recharge cycles.
  • The built-in battery charge allows to use the torchlight regularly and intesively.
NITECORE Tiny Monster TM15 photoNITECORE Tiny Monster TM15 photo

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