понедельник, 26 ноября 2012 г.

NITECORE EA4(PIONEER) Compact Searchlight Officially Launched

CREE XM-L LED Flashlight Searchlight NITECORE EA4 photo
Nitecore EA4 (Pioneer) Compact Searchlight, designed for senior outdoor enthusiasts, officially launches on 23rd November, 2012.

The Nitecore EA4 is the world’s smallest, lightest and brightest 4 x AA searchlight, offering massive output and throw from a compact palm-sized body. Nitecore’s novel proprietary 'Unique Integrated Technology' allows the merging of the flashlight head and body into one seamless component, aptly named the ‘Unibody’ by Nitecore's design team. This unique approach makes the Nitecore EA4 one of the most compact, lightweight and high- intensity illumination tools ever made.

CREE XM-L LED Flashlight Searchlight NITECORE EA4 photo

The EA4 also features ‘Precision Digital Optics Technology', whereby computer simulation and precise point-to-point curved reflecting methods ensure optimal reflector performance. This translates to an even, full-coverage beam capable of illuminating targets at up to 283 meters (ANSI / NEMA FL1). In other terms, the EA4's peak beam intensity is rated at 20,000cd, which is at least DOUBLE that of competing products.

Furthermore, the EA4 is powered by four easily-sourced AA batteries and features Five brightness levels plus Strobe / SOS modes and a ‘Location Beacon’ function. With its versatile feature set, ultra-high-intensity beam and extremely compact size, the Nitecore Pioneer EA4 Searchlight is the ultimate lighting tool for both outdoor enthusiasts and working professionals.
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вторник, 20 ноября 2012 г.

CREE LED Flashlights and Torches ROFIS

We are pleased to present a new series of the Chinese LED flashlights and torches from the ROFIS Company in our online store!

With the adoption of unique technical solutions, it strives to meet different illuminating demand from the customers, so as to offer more cheerful product experience for customers. Its main products including JR series, TR series and ER series. It has been continuously increasing its product series and strengthening its innovation consciousness.

Assortment of the ROFIS flashlights includes the Tactical Flashlights, Transformable Flashlights and compact pocket flashlights. Made of either aircraft-grade aluminum (JR series) or polished stainless steel (ER series), these little flashlights are extremely durable. Rofis flashlights use long-lasting LEDs, fit in the palm of your hand, are water-resistant to 2 meters and feature multiple lighting modes so you can choose between maximum illumination and extended runtime.
ROFIS is a new manufacturer on the scene, with an innovative rotating head design for their first series of lights – the Jazz "Transformers". For example the 1xCR123A JR10 and 2xCR123A/1x18650 JR20 models. You can run them as straight-through flashlights, or angle the heads up to 90 degrees.

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вторник, 13 ноября 2012 г.

New rechargeable LED Flashlights NITECORE MH Series

Nitecore Multitask Hybrid (MH) series rechargeable flashlights officially launch. They are:
  • MH1A/MH1C: dual-fuel home defense flashlight
  • MH2A: dual-fuel emergency flashlight
  • MH2C/MH25: dual-fuel long-range tactical flashlight
  • MH40: dual-fuel ultra-high intensity flashlight
The MH Series is dual-fuel capable, powered either by included lithium-ion rechargeable battery(s), or disposable lithium cell(s). A USB cable/power adapter is included for use with most universal USB adapters and USB ports, making it easy to recharge the lights from virtually any location.

rechargeable LED Flashlights NITECORE MH Series

MH flashlights are a new line of highly versatile and practical illumination tools designed for a multitude of users and environments. The output ranges from MH1A 550 lumens up to MH40 900 lumens, a sleek, robust body finely etched with extensive knurling and a perfect finish are hallmarks of this range, but even more important is the highly practical and usable user-interface which makes selecting modes a breeze.

Nitecore MH series flashlights essential have two modes: turbo mode (100% output) and custom mode. Turbo mode is accessed by tightening the flashlight head while any of one of the five customizable modes (strobe, low, medium, high and SOS) are selected by loosening the head and rapidly pressing the on/off switch to cycle through the modes. A given mode can be saved by simply turn off the light while in that mode.

Real-world examples include: When used as a flashlight around the home, the head can be loosened and low level selected in custom mode, providing long runtimes at a lower light intensity. The same flashlight could then be taken out and used a law-enforcement duty light, with user-defined mode set in strobe, making it easy to alternate between high mode and strobe with a simple twist of the flashlight head.
Source: nitecore.com

пятница, 2 ноября 2012 г.

Doxie One - Portable Scanner for Tablets and Smartphones

Doxie One - Portable Scanner for Tablets and Smartphones
Doxie has added another portable scanner to its heart-logo'd lineup, the Doxie One, which can digitize documents and images to an included SD-card with nary a computer in sight. Doxie says that'll let you travel light with the "paper-towel roll sized" device to scan and automatically generate Abbyy OCR-read PDFs, then sync up later with a Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad.

Doxie One may look like a cut-down version of Doxie Go at first but it’s hard to comment without reviewing it completely. I see Doxie One as going for a different direction as Doxie Go. It’s still portable and wireless, but this time, it does not have a rechargeable battery and built-in memory. Though that may seem bad at first, it is not. Doxie One can be powered by wall power or with AAA batteries. This means Doxie One is much easier to use if you are always running around in different places (as you can carry AAA batteries with you as an “unlimited” supply of power). When you are near a power supply, you can just plug it directly to a wall socket.

Without a built-in memory, it simplifies the workflow process as you can use the SD card or directly sync the scanned documents to your computer, wireless.

Doxie One - Portable Scanner for Tablets and Smartphones

 Doxie One can sync to your PC or Mac. However, if you don’t have them (for any reason – maybe you are traveling with your tablet), you can directly scan and sync it to your tablet (such as an iPad). Or you can sync your documents to the Cloud applications/services such as Evernote.

Should you want a traditional approach, you can always store your scanned documents into an SD Card (a 2GB SD Card is included with the purchase of Doxie One) and use a card reader to grab them.

The gadget measures 10.5" x 1.7" x 2.2" (26.7 cm x 4.35 cm x 5.6 cm) and weights 14.2 oz (403g). It features arechargeable lithium-ion battery that on full charge can consume 100 documents. The speed of scan is 8 seconds per full-color page, which is not very fast but still impressive considering that it's a portable scanner.

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