воскресенье, 13 июля 2014 г.

New Nitecore EA41 Compact Searchlight Officially Launched

Nitecore EA41 Pioneer flashlight is an updated version of the popular Nitecore EA4 with improved quality.

EA41 produces output of up to 960 lumens with a range of 315 meters and powered by 4 x AA batteries. Its maximum beam intensity of up to 25,000cd, is at least double that of competing products. EA41 provides five brightness levels: ultra-low, low, medium, high and turbo; also three special modes including SOS, Strobe and Location Beacon are available.

The EA41 features Dual switch design, offering a sleek and user-friendly interface and direct access to ultra-low and turbo modes. The mode switch also equipped with location indicator to indicate the whereabouts of the torch, or flashes to indicate remaining battery power as a power indicator.

An ergonomically sounddesign with tubular grooves, flat sides and a tapered body also provides a comfortable grip.

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