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New rechargeable LED Flashlights NITECORE MH Series

Nitecore Multitask Hybrid (MH) series rechargeable flashlights officially launch. They are:
  • MH1A/MH1C: dual-fuel home defense flashlight
  • MH2A: dual-fuel emergency flashlight
  • MH2C/MH25: dual-fuel long-range tactical flashlight
  • MH40: dual-fuel ultra-high intensity flashlight
The MH Series is dual-fuel capable, powered either by included lithium-ion rechargeable battery(s), or disposable lithium cell(s). A USB cable/power adapter is included for use with most universal USB adapters and USB ports, making it easy to recharge the lights from virtually any location.

rechargeable LED Flashlights NITECORE MH Series

MH flashlights are a new line of highly versatile and practical illumination tools designed for a multitude of users and environments. The output ranges from MH1A 550 lumens up to MH40 900 lumens, a sleek, robust body finely etched with extensive knurling and a perfect finish are hallmarks of this range, but even more important is the highly practical and usable user-interface which makes selecting modes a breeze.

Nitecore MH series flashlights essential have two modes: turbo mode (100% output) and custom mode. Turbo mode is accessed by tightening the flashlight head while any of one of the five customizable modes (strobe, low, medium, high and SOS) are selected by loosening the head and rapidly pressing the on/off switch to cycle through the modes. A given mode can be saved by simply turn off the light while in that mode.

Real-world examples include: When used as a flashlight around the home, the head can be loosened and low level selected in custom mode, providing long runtimes at a lower light intensity. The same flashlight could then be taken out and used a law-enforcement duty light, with user-defined mode set in strobe, making it easy to alternate between high mode and strobe with a simple twist of the flashlight head.
Source: nitecore.com

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