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R800 Outdoor Tablet: Waterproof and 3G

R800 Outdoor Tablet Review, Photo
Today, if somebody wants to get himself a tablet computer, he encounters quite serious difficulty of choice, because the present market of tablet computers is extremely overwhelmed with devices which not always have critical difference in both technical specifications and price. In such situation, it gets especially hard for a customer to actually make up his mind regarding what tablet computer he wants.

Many people opt for tablet computers from well-known brands, such as Apple’s iPad, various models from HTC or Samsung, etc. Some people, however, choose devices from brands not so well-known. This may happen for two reasons: a person might want to emphasize his or her individuality by purchasing a tablet computer from a brand which is not mainstream, or a customer may pay more attention to what’s written in the technical specifications than to the logo of a popular brand (there is a well-known tendency that devices of the same technical specifications often cost less if presented by a company not so well known).

R800 Outdoor Tablet photo, review
There’s a piece of good news for such individualistic people who don’t fall for popular brand logos. A not-so-well-known company called Verykool is presenting its new R800 Outdoor Tablet computer. In spite of the fact that the brandname is not very popular, this new tablet device surely has certain point to interest a customer. Let’s take a brief look at the technical specifications of the R800 Outdoor Tablet.

The frame of the device is solid and waterproof (IPX 5 certificate). The 7-inch display has a resolution of 800x480. There are two cameras: a front VGA camera and a rear 2MP camera. And, of course, R800 Outdoor Tablet supports supports the three main kinds of wireless connections: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G. The combination of these factors makes R800 Outdoor Tablet a perfect mobile device for people who are fond of traveling.

R800 Outdoor Tablet photo, review
Unfortunately, this new Verykool’s tablet computer has not yet been officially presented. So, nothing exact can be said about the price of the device. Neither can we be sure about the precise release date of the R800 Outdoor Tablet.

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