вторник, 11 сентября 2012 г.

Apple Gradually Reduces Cooperation with Google

Google and Apple
The cooperation between Apple and Google has a long (in terms of the IT industry) history. Ever since the introduction of the very first iOS in 2007, Google has been the default search engine in iPhones and iPads. Besides, every iPad and/or iPhone user is used to the YouTube icon in the upper right corner of the desktop, because the YouTube application was included into the basic package of applications of the iOS used by Apple’s mobile devices.

However, nothing lasts forever, all things come to an end, and currently we can observe that this ‘friendship’ experiences some cracks. Thus, the basic applications package of the new iOS 6 will not include the YouTube application. Of course, this does not mean that iPhone, iPad and iPod Nano users will not be able to watch videos on YouTube. The special YouTube application will still be available from Apple’s AppStore. A user will also be able to view the YouTube website through the Safari web browser. Still, such sudden change seems rather curious.

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